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Scientologists, Antipsychiatrists, and "Consumer Survivors"

One reason for the limited advocacy efforts on behalf of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders in the United States is the presence of countervailing forces--a small but vocal coalition of Scientologists, antipsychiatrists, and "consumer survivors." These disparate and often interdependent groups are united by their hatred of psychiatry in general and their opposition to any form of assisted treatment in particular. Many of their members are intellectual descendents of Thomas Szasz, who taught that mental illnesses do not really exist, and Ronald Laing, who claimed that psychosis is a growth experience. These groups often attempt to intimidate individuals and organizations that provide advocacy for individuals with manic-depressive illness, schizophrenia and other severe psychiatric disorders.

Bipolar Disorder Misdiagnosed in Adults. Nationwide Study Presented at APA

Reflections - A Bipolar Child at 33

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Danielle Steel's Testimony Before Senate Appropriations Committee

Transcript of Danielle Steel's testimony about her son Nick (who had bipolar disorder and died at 19) before the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations.

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