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Top Ten Best-Selling Books on Bipolar for Parents, Kids and Teens; thebalancedmindfoundation.org Bookstore, January 2011

This article lists The Balanced Mind Parent Network's top 10 bestselling books on bipolar for January 2011.

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Flipswitch Podcast: Linea and Cinda Johnson

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Translation of Science to Service: Jean A. Frazier, MD, University of Massachusetts

This paper is Jean Frazier and David Kennedy's contribution to The Balanced Mind Parent Network's series, Translation of the Scientific Evolution of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder.  The series presents the leading researchers' contribution to the field.  It describes the programmatic approach and direction of the labs, the seminal questions which drive their research, a listing of their most important findings and a summary of how their work impacts the field.   The Balanced Mind Parent Network is very grateful to Drs. Frazier and Kennedy for sharing their vision with our readers.

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Personal Future Planning: a Step by Step Guide to Planning for the Transition to Life Beyond High School

Developed by Cinda Johnson, Ed.D., this planning document assists students and their education team in identifing strengths, experiences, aspirations and fears and how these can be applied to setting goals for post graduation.

Glossary of Terms

This document gives a listing of the acronyms, abbreviations and terms used by doctors, educators and other treatment professionals.

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