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Children's Mental Health Fact Sheet: Improving Lives, Avoiding Tragedies

The recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School reminds us all of the importance of the early identification of mental illness and the critical need for intervention with effective services and supports. Mental health conditions are prevalent among our nation’s youth. Mental illness is treatable and the best outcomes occur with early identification and intervention. We can avoid the tragic and costly consequences of unidentified and untreated mental illness in youth by taking action. We can and should do far better for our nation’s youth.

Learn the facts and take action:

Teens Disproportionately Affected by Mental Disorders

The percentage of youth suffering from a mental disorder is even greater than the most frequent major physical conditions in adolescence, including diabetes or asthma.

About 20 percent of youth in the U.S. are affected by at least one type of mental disorder during their lifetime to an extent that they have difficulty functioning, according to a new National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) survey. 

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