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About Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

In About Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: A Guide For Families, The Balanced Mind Parent Network examines bipolar disorder that emerges in childhood or adolescence.

Clinician and Caregiver Views on Therapy

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A Psychoeducational Approach to Family Therapy: Comparing 3 Models

The Balanced Mind Parent Network is committed to providing parents with current information about treatments and resources that have a proven track record of success.  To learn more we sat down individually with three leading clinicians who are pioneering the charge to include your entire family in therapy.  While the approaches differ in some important respects, they all share the common goal of working with kids with bipolar disorder in an inclusive family context.  Learning about these approaches to therapy will provide parents with the information they need to seek the treatment approach that best suites the needs of their child and their family.

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Suggestions for Treating Youth with Bipolar Disorder, by Karen Dineen Wagner, MD, PhD

Ongoing challenges of treatment, and suggestions for clinicians.

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