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Tag: What Works for Bipolar Kids

thebalancedmindfoundation.org Expert Chat with Dr. Mani Pavuluri, Author of "What Works for Bipolar Kids"

Nanci - The Balanced Mind Parent Network   
Dr. Pavuluri recently published a book for parents "What Works for Bipolar Kids" that is an excellent resource. Dr. Pavuluri, would you like to start out by telling us a little about your new book? 

Mani Pavuluri MD   
Yes I hope you like it! I wanted the book “What Works for Bipolar Kids” to be most practical, and help you with day to day struggles, in a way that you can apply for yourself, and take care of yourself as parents, as you are in it for the long haul! I want to hold your hand through this book as I talk to you! 
And it tells you about school issues, home, marriage, kids, other kids, friendships and medication and treatment and so on!  

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