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thebalancedmindfoundation.org interviews Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child

The following interview was conducted by The Balanced Mind Parent Network Executive Director Martha Hellander:

The Balanced Mind Parent Network: Dr. Greene, The Explosive Child has gained a huge following among parents of children with bipolar disorder. Have many parents in the audiences you've spoken to around the country told you their child has this diagnosis?

RG: Yes, I've found that bipolar disorder is an increasingly common diagnosis in children and adolescents who also fit the description of "explosive."

The Balanced Mind Parent Network: You write that most children with what you call inflexible-explosive behavior are not the product of poor parenting, nor have they been abused nor neglected. What does cause this behavior, then?

RG: My own take on things is that these children are lacking in two critical skill areas: flexibility and frustration tolerance. A variety of factors stemming from poor self-regulation and poor emotional modulation may impair the development of these skills. Naturally, how adults respond to these children is also important.

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Brandi Carlile on The Balanced Mind Parent Network's Flipswitch: the Bipolar and Depression Connection Podcast

Flipswitch: the Bipolar and Depression Connection is The Balanced Mind Parent Network's podcast for teens and young adults on living well with mood disorders. Each week, the Flipswitch crew takes on a 'piece' of the mood disorder 'puzzle'. Researchers, celebrities, artists, moms, and teens share their perspectives in the interview portion of the show. Read the transcript of the interview with this week's guest, indie folk/country musician Brandi Carlile, or click the player to listen.

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Dr. James Hudziak on The Balanced Mind Parent Network's Flipswitch: the Bipolar and Depression Connection

Dr. James Hudziak
is a fast-paced, fact-filled weekly podcast tackling issues such as wellness, stigma, and creativity. Join co-hosts Chris, Ryan, Gopi, and Emily each week for upbeat and informative segments such as 'Quizzo', '20 Facts in 120 Seconds', 'The 'X' Affect', 'Mood Disorders in the News', as well as interviews with the experts.

Dr. Hudziak is coauthor of one of the largest genetic studies looking at risk factors in children and youth. His research efforts have involved the study of genetic factors including social behaviors, obsessive-compulsive, attention, and aggressive behavior in boys and girls. 

The Flipswitch interview with Dr. Hudziak has been transcribed below.

Interview with Husseini Manji, M.D.

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Interview with Melissa DelBello, M.D.

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