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Translation of Science to Service: Melissa P. DelBello, MD, MS, University of Cincinnati

This paper is Melissa DelBello's contribution to The Balanced Mind Parent Network's series, Translation of the Scientific Evolution of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder.  The series presents the leading researchers' contribution to the field.  It describes the programmatic approach and direction of the labs, the seminal questions which drive their research, a listing of their most important findings and a summary of how their work impacts the field.  The Balanced Mind Parent Network is very grateful to Dr. DelBello for sharing her vision with our readers.

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Reduced Amygdalar Gray Matter Volume in Familial Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

This is a study by Kiki Chang, M.D., et al which discusses the amygdala's prominent role in emotion processing and response.The amygdala was found to be smaller in BD adolescents, and larger in adults taking lithium.

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