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Disclosure of Medical Information

January 21st, 2010

States have their own specific laws defining when medical information can be released. In the usual case, written consent of the patient is required. For a minor, the written consent of the parent or guardian may be required. The state in which you live may limit a parent's right to access his minor child's mental health records. In some states, a parent is not entitled to inspect or obtain copies of a minor's patient records if the minor is authorized by law to consent to his own medical treatment. Also, a parent is not entitled access to a minor's patient records if the treatment provider determines that access to the records would have a detrimental effect on the provider's professional relationship with the minor patient or on the minor's physical safety or psychological well-being. Some states may have more restrictive provisions regarding release of information about a patient involuntarily detained for treatment. For example, a patient involuntarily detained may not be able to access his or her own medical records if the treating physician deems such disclosure to be potentially harmful. There may be circumstances in which disclosure to third parties is required even without patient consent. In most states, a psychiatrist is required by law to warn a third party of a patient's substantial likelihood to cause that person imminent serious harm or death.

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