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July 6th, 2010


Education, Medication, and More



Diagnosing Bipolar with Brain Imaging

Source: PsychCentral

Many The Balanced Mind Parent Network families have fallen victim to clinicians who promise to diagnose or make more accurate treatment decisions based on expensive brain scans. While the research is promising, we are not there yet.  However, the following article reveals that we are one step closer to utilizing MRIs to diagnosing bipolar disorder.

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The Balanced Mind Parent Network in This Month's Bp Magazine

The Balanced Mind Parent Network is featured in this month's Family Matters Panel, which focuses on the question, "how do you keep the rest of your household 'normal' while a family member is suffering the effects of his or her illness?"

We will send a copy to the first 20 people who donate using this link: http://www.thebalancedmind.org


The Next Step: Treatment

Source: Wall Street Journal

A family therapy designed for teens with elevated depression and suicidal thoughts is showing good results. In a study reported last February in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, patients with severe suicidal thinking were at least four times more likely to have no suicidal thinking at the end of the treatment—three months later than patients who had other treatments. (Read More)


Worried About a Moody Teen?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Mental illness often starts in adolescence. How can parents tell if a moody teenager is simply normal—or is spinning out of control? This may be one of the most difficult dilemmas parents will ever face.

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