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NIMH Outreach Partnership Meeting Presentations - March 2011

April 27th, 2011

A.  Depression and Preschoolers 

Preschool Depression

Early Identification & Intervention for Depression in the Preschool Period

B.  Youth Mental Health

Preventing Depression in At-Risk Adolescence 

Cognitive Training for Young Individuals with Psychotic Illnesses

Relational Aggression Intervention for Urban African American Girls

Training on the Mental Health Needs of Justice-involved Youth

Youth Suicide Prevention Social Marketing: GetRightSideUp

C.  Understanding & Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Events

Lessons from School-Based St. Bernard Family Resiliency Project: Partnership for Recovery b/w Louisiana State University Health Services Center & St. Bernard Public Schools

Predictors of Risk & Resilience to PTSD and other Psychological Symptoms in Firefighters

Adolescent Emergency Patients: Suicide Risk Detention (Screening) and Services Facilitation

Exploring the Intersection between Mental Health Law and Intimate Partner Violence

D.  The Role of Culture & Context in Mental Health

Disparities and Global Mental Health Research at NIMH

Cultural Adaptation for Prevention Programs

Developing Interfaith Partnerships in Culturally Diverse Communities

E.  Understanding and Intervening During Sensitive Periods

Critical Periods of Risk in Development of Aggressive vs. Non-agressive forms of Antisocial Behavior

Windows of Vulnerability: Understanding How Early Stress Alters Brain Development & Sets the Stage for Mental Disorders

Predictors and Mechanisms for Conversion to Psychosis: Toward a Prevention Strategy

F.  Outreach to Military and Families

Partnering with National Guard: Preventing Suicide for Warriors, Veterans, & Their Families

Veterans Behavioral Health Initiative: A Community Collaboration

Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Training for The Military: Recognizing Individuals at Risk, Connecting with Them, Connecting Them to Help

Postvention Training for Warriors & Military Providers to Promote Healing and Reduce Risk after a Suicide